The patent interpretation section at Simulingual, Inc. (Interpretation division) focuses on interpretation for specific areas of patent related matters.

As companies are becoming increasingly globalized, patent interpretation services are becoming increasingly vital; for example: obtaining international patents, concluding licence agreements, and dealing with patent infringement, etc. Patent interpretation fundamentally requires an understanding across a wide spectrum of technological fields.

We also understand that the interpretation concerning patents requires impeccable accuracy with no margin of error. Our patent interpretation department is overwhelmingly trusted by law firms and patent offices, as well as many other clients in the fields of medicine, food, pharmaceuticals, aviation, communications, electricity, industrial machinery, semiconductors, iron and steel, chemicals, etc.

Our specialized patent interpreters have solid experience in their respective areas including semiconductors, machinery, chemistry, biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, telecommunication, IT, etc., and will provide companies with linguistic support for their patent strategies (such as application for an international patent).

Areas of interpretation


General scientific technology:

  • Automobiles, aircraft, marine vessels, car navigation systems, etc.
  • Biotechnology, biomaterials, DNA recombination technology
  • Civil engineering, architecture, laser measurements, architectural materials, anti-seismic structures, air-conditioning facilities, etc.
  • Computers, electronics, automated controls, image processing, etc.
  • Electric communication, digital communication, optic fibers, cryptographic systems, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering, machine tools, turbines, artificial intelligence robots, etc.
  • Medical equipment, measuring equipment, MRI, laser equipment, etc.
  • New materials, porous materials, ceramics, superconductors, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry, gene cloning, biopolymers, etc.
  • Semi-conductors, liquid crystals, photology, electrostatic recording mediums, etc.
  • Steel, non-ferrous metals, plasma material engineering, etc.
Translation Department
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