Financial & Business

The financial & business interpretation section at Simulingual, Inc. (Translation Interpretation division) focuses on interpretation in specific to the areas of finance, IR, securities/economy, PR, etc.

We understand that in financial and securities interpretation, without a working knowledge of a number of key terms and phrases (in both the source and target language) in order to fully understand the content and context, accurate interpretation is impossible.

All of our interpreters have the necessary, relevant, in-depth knowledge and backgrounds in the finance, banking and securities industries; hence, our interpreters are highly praised by our clients for their excellent, consistent accuracy. We are proud to have earned our clients’ high level of confidence.

Areas of interpretation

  • Financial interpretation / Business interpretation:
    Financial policy, banking, deposits, consumer finance, electronic trading, risk management, pension system, etc.
  • Securities interpretation:
    R interpretation, investment, fund related interpretation
  • Financial affairs interpretation:
    Accounting interpretation including financial administration, budgets, taxes, accounting reports, accounting, audit reports, financial statements, financial affairs, etc.
  • Investor Relations interpretation:
    Interpretation at overseas trade shows, financial results briefings, and interviews.
  • PR and press conference
    Interpretation for PR events, press conferences, management policy briefings, company information sessions
  • Marketing and planning
  • Inspection reports of various companies
  • Business plans
  • Research by questionnaire and marketing
Translation Department
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