Technology / Other specialized fields

The technology interpretation section at Simulingual, Inc. (Interpretation division) focuses on interpretation for specific areas of technology, including machinery and electricity.

Specialized interpretation for industrial machinery, machine tools, electronic and electric equipment, automobiles, civil engineering, aviation, measurements, controls, semiconductors, circuits, computers, medical equipment, etc.

Interpretation service for aviation, automobiles, engines, marine vessels, space

  • Aviation, wind power, space industry
  • Automobiles, tires, engines, etc.
  • Office equipment, food processing machinery, etc.
  • Marine vessels, marine affairs, etc.

Interpretation service for computers, communication, controls, signals, semiconductors, and IC.

  • Computers (hardware, software)
  • Gateways, rooters, sequencers, etc.
  • General communication related products
  • Semiconductors, IC, electronic circuits, applied electronic engineering, etc.
  • Ultrasonic, various sensors, pulse lasers, infrared, etc.

Interpretation service for electronic and electric equipment

  • Electric materials, electric generation, electric power
  • General electronic and electric equipment
  • General electronic engineering, general electronic communication engineering

Interpretation services for industrial machinery, machine tools, and precision equipment

  • Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.
  • General industrial machinery, general machine tools, forming machinery, etc.
  • Office equipment, food processing machinery, etc.
  • Physical and chemical machines and equipment, cameras, optical equipment, etc.
  • Transport machinery, generating machinery, etc.
  • Watches, lenses, etc.
  • Weighing machinery, measuring apparatuses, test devices, etc.

Interpretation service for medical equipment

  • Artificial respirators, etc.
  • Dental equipment, etc
  • General medical equipment
  • Ophthalmic equipmentDental equipment, etc.
  • Pace makers, catheters, etc.

Interpretation service for resources, energy, civil engineering, architecture, and environment

  • Ceramics, cement, glass
  • Electricity, gas, petroleum, coal, heat supplies
  • Environment related matters
  • General Civil engineering, applied dynamics, soil properties, civil engineering materials, etc.
  • General construction, construction plans, designs, structures, etc.
  • Hydrology, sanitary engineering, transportation
  • Iron and steel, nonferrous metals
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