Interpreter Level
A Class Simultaneous/Consecutive Interpretation at International Symposiums, Forums, Conferences, Seminars, Lectures, In-house meetings, Workshops, Board meetings, Press conference, etc. (Fitting for meetings that are highly technical in nature, e.g. meetings in Medical, Technology, Legal, Patent, and Finance fields, etc.)
B Class Consecutive/Whispering Interpretation at General business meetings, In-house meetings, Workshops, Seminars, etc.
C Class Accompanying interpretation, Factory visits, Site tours, Exhibitions, Business meetings, etc.

* Note:

  1. Conference interpretation hours extend from the gathering time to the dispersal time and also include any consultation time. Should preliminary consultation prior to the day of the conference be desired, the half-day price will be charged for up to 3.5 hours of consultation.
  2. The full-day price is for up to 8 hours (7 working hours). If the assignment exceeds 8 hours, an hourly overtime charge will be assessed.
  3. The half-day price is for up to 3.5 hours. If the assignment exceeds 3.5 hours, the full-day price will be assessed.
  4. With simultaneous interpretation (including whispering interpretation), 2 interpreters are provided for half-day assignments and 3 interpreters or more for longer assignments. For consecutive interpretation (other than escort interpretation), 1 interpreter is provided for half-day assignments and 2 interpreters for longer assignments. If simultaneous interpretation is desired, related equipment will also be necessary. Please contact us for details. Simultaneous interpretation: the speaker’s words are interpreted almost at the same time that they are spoken. Simultaneous interpreters work in 15-minute shifts. Consecutive interpretation: the speaker’s words are interpreted after the speaker finishes talking. Twice the normal speaking time is thus required. Whispering interpretation: the speaker’s words are interpreted almost simultaneously in close proximity to the person who requires the interpretation. The difficulty for the interpreter is equal to or greater than with simultaneous interpretation. Depending on the situation, the interpreter’s voice may be difficult to hear. In certain cases, we will request that simple simultaneous interpretation equipment be used.
  5. A surcharge will be assessed for early-morning or late-night work.
  6. In addition to the above services, we dispatch interpreters on overseas assignments and arrange for local interpreters at overseas locations. Please contact us for details.

Other Charges

Preparation Charges (only for conferences requiring simultaneous interpretation)

Conferences that last 2 days or more require considerable preparation and study. Preparation charges equivalent to the half-day interpretation price are thus assessed.

Coordination Fee

In the case of symposiums, international conferences, and other large meetings where several people give speeches on a single day, a coordination fee will be charged. (Starting at 20,000 yen, this fee varies with the meeting’s contents, number of days, and location.)

Rules for Business Trips

No transportation expenses are charged for assignments that are within 30 km of Tokyo Station (or Osaka Station in the case of assignments in the Kansai area). For assignments that are 30-60 km away, the actual transportation expenses are billed. Assignments further away than 60 km are handled as business trips, and thus entail such expenses as transportation expenses, lodging expenses, a per diem, and compensation for constraints.

*Distances are measured in kilometers according to the shortest vehicular route.

Transportation Expenses

  1. Air fare and train fare to and from the conference area
  2. Actual bus and taxi fares in the conference area
  1. Actual round-trip business-class air fare between Tokyo and the conference area
  2. Transportation expenses in Japan (including travel preparation expenses) ….25,000 yen/person/trip
  3. Actual transportation expenses in the conference area (calculated according to the exchange rate at the time of the trip)
  4. Actual cost of overseas accident insurance (approximately 5,000 yen/week)

Lodging Expenses

The actual expenses are billed.
* As a rule, we request that lodgings be in the conference hall complex or at the same hotel where the conference speakers stay.
* Overseas lodging expenses are calculated according to the exchange rate at the time of the trip.

Per Diem

  Domestic Overseas
Days that include an overnight stay
(lodging expenses separate)
From 10,000 yen From 12,000 yen
Days that do not include an overnight stay,
and day-trip assignments
From 5,000 yen From 6,000 yen

Compensation for Constraints

With conferences that are more than 60 km away and thus handled as business trips, the charges described below are assessed as compensation for constraints other than those directly involved in the interpretation work.

Domestic Up to 3.5 hours of travel time are required on a non-working day. Half-day price x 1/2
Up to 3.5 hours of travel time are required on a day involving up to 3 hours of work. Difference between full-day price and half-day price (= full-day price for everything)
More than 3.5 hours of travel time are required on a working day, or an entire day must be spent in the conference area in order to do the work the next day. Full-day price x 1/2
Actual working time and travel time total more than 10 hours. Half-day price x 1/2
Overseas The interpreter travels (flies) on a non-working day, spends an entire day in the conference area so as to do the work the next day, or is otherwise confined to the conference area for a day. Full-day price x 1/2
The assignment is only for half a day. Difference between full-day price and half-day price (= full-day price for everything)

Consumption Tax

Please note that, for domestic assignments, consumption tax will be added for everything except business trip expenses (lodging expenses, per diem, transportation expenses).

Cancellation Fees

Based on the rules enumerated below, cancellation fees will be assessed when formalized orders are cancelled or the schedule for them is changed.

  1. 4-10 days before the conference … 30%
  2. 2-3 days before the conference … 50%
  3. The day before or the day of the conference … 100%

The days mentioned above are calculated in business days.


Please note that, in the case of first-time customers or orders from overseas, we request that the payment be deposited in advance. In other cases, we ask that payment be wired, by the last day of the month following the month of the order, to a bank designated by our company.

* Payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB) is accepted. For credit card payments, a charge of 2.5% of the payment amount is assessed.

* For wire transfers from overseas, a remittance charge of 7,500 yen is assessed.

The Process of Placing an Order and Obtaining Interpretation Services

  1. Inquiry 
    Please provide us with information about the event for which interpretation is needed (schedule, time, place, subject matter, language to be interpreted, type of interpretation needed (simultaneous, consecutive, etc.), number of speakers, etc.)
  2. Sending of Estimate 
    Based on the information provided, we will send you an estimate.
  3. Issuing of Order 
    If the estimate is satisfactory, please notify us by telephone or e-mail that you would like to place the order.
  4. Acceptance of Order and Arranging for Interpreter(s) 
    After receiving notification of the order, we will select the interpreter(s). Once the interpreters are decided, we will send you an “Acknowledgement of Order and Notification of Name(s) of Interpreters(s).” (Once this document is sent, the rules for cancellation fees go into effect.)
  5. Preparation 
    If there are any documents or other materials that will be used in the conference, we ask that they be sent to us so that the interpreter(s) can use them to prepare. (Please send them by about 1 week before the conference, at the latest.) 


    【Materials to be sent】 
    Documents to be distributed, presentation materials, speech manuscripts, reference materials, documents that will help in understanding the purposes and background of the communication, schedules and agendas, a list of the names, affiliations and job titles of the attendees, a sketch of the conference hall, etc.

  6. Confirmation of Details 
    We will confirm the gathering time, gathering place, whether advance consultation is necessary, and the name and contact information of the person in charge.
  7. Performance of Interpretation
  8. Sending of Invoice
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