Medical treatment

The medical interpretation section at Simulingual, Inc. (Interpretation division) focuses on interpretation service for specific areas of medical science, pharmaceutical science and chemistry.

Specialized medical interpreters with time-proven track records will interpret topics ranging from cutting-edge technology to complicated content, thus the accuracy and reliability of our interpretation is highly evaluated by our clients.

Interpretation for medical science, pharmaceutical science, and biotechnology

Interpretation for overall medical science: internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, obstetrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, cerebral surgery, radiology, etc.

  • Cranial nerve surgery, neoplasm, cardiovascular surgery, etc.
  • Reproductive endocrinology, perinatal medicine, fetal medicine, etc.
  • Gastroenterologic medicine, cardiovascular disease, hematology, immunology, etc.
  • Ophthalmology, IOL, cataract extraction, photocoagulation, etc.
  • Anesthesiology, radiology, nuclear medicine, plastic surgery, etc.
  • Psychiatry, neurology, geriatric psychiatry, etc.
  • Forensic pathology, etc.
  • Immunology, cytogenetics, medical management, etc.
  • Pharmacodynamics, microbiology, pathology, neurophysiology, etc.
Dentistry Dental materials, implant dentures, root canal filler, periodontal disease, etc.
Pharmaceutical science Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical technochemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, etc.
Medical products Ethical drugs, consumer care, diagnostic products, etc.

Biotechnology, genetic modification technology, genetic cloning, biotechnology, etc.
Diagnostic imaging, ultrasonic diagnostics, MRI, SPECT, etc.
Hygieiology, hygiene chemistry, etc.

Interpretation for biochemistry, agronomy, food science, bioscience

Interpretation for overall chemistry: chemical industry, chemical engineering, chemical equipment, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, engineering analysis, rubbers, fats and oils, etc.

  • Biologically active agents, microorganisms, enzymes, biotechnology, etc.
  • Biochemical engineering, foods, pigments, dyeing, etc.
  • Electrochemistry, ceramics, etc.
  • Fats and oils, cleaning material, petrochemistry, etc.
  • High-polymer materials, synthetic resins, rubbers, coating materials, fibers, etc.
  • Interpretation for inorganic industrial products and organic chemicals
  • Photography, inks, equipment, etc.

Interpretation for overall chemical technology

  • Civil engineering, architecture, laser measurement, architectural materials, anti-seismic structures, air-conditioning facilities, etc.
  • Interpretation for general chemistry (organic, inorganic, high polymer chemistry, polymer membrane materials, etc.)
  • Mechanical engineering, machine tools, turbines, artificial intelligence robots, etc.
  • Medical equipment, measuring equipment, MRI, laser equipment, etc.
  • New materials, porous materials, ceramics, superconductors, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry, gene cloning, biopolymers, etc.
  • Semi-conductors, liquid crystal, photology, electrostatic recording mediums, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering, machine tools, turbines, artificial intelligence robots, etc.
  • Steel, non-ferrous metals, plasma material engineering, etc.

Interpretation for science and engineering technologies

  • Aeronautic engineering, aircraft dynamics, aeronautical design, etc.
  • Bioengineering, cybernetics, radiation metrology, optical application equipment, etc.
  • Civil engineering, architecture, earthquake resistance, etc.
  • Electromagnetic energy engineering, laser technology, ultra-high temperature plasma measurement, etc.
  • Electronic engineering, plasma devices, VLSI technology, etc.
  • Environment engineering, air purifying, clean rooms, air conditioning systems, etc.
  • Mathematical engineering, bio-system engineering, pattern recognition, image processing, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering, boilers, steam turbines, bubble dynamics, etc.
  • Metal processing, metallography, welding engineering, powder metallurgy, etc.
  • Thermal dynamics, liquid dynamics, modal analysis, etc.

Interpretation for medical equipment

Interpretation for medical equipment in general

Overall medical equipment Pacemakers, artificial respirators, dental instruments, ophthalmic equipment, etc.
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